Erik Bagger


Erik Bagger (1949) is originally educated as a goldsmith. But it is his work as an industrial designer that he is most known for. Erik Bagger’s designs are characterised by simplicity, which fits perfectly into the Scandinavian home.

Erik Bagger is probably most known for the glass collection designed for the Danish Opera’s restaurants, and which can also be enjoyed at the Museum of Modern Art’s restaurant in New York.


Andreas Hansen.jpg

Andreas Hansen


Andreas Hansen (1936) is an award winning Danish designer, educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Furniture Designin 1962. Andreas Hansen has his own design studio where he designs furniture, lamps, candlesticks, etc.

His first design for erik bagger a/s is the candlestick Cohesion. Andreas found inspiration for Cohesion in the heart and its simple shape, symmetry and symbolism. The name refers to the cohesion between people, and the candlesticks can be joined in pairs so the hearts are bound together.



Christer & Christel Holmgreen


The married Holmgren couple has designed beautiful icons for your home since the 1970’s. Their design philosophy is to create durable and functional design, which can be used for many years ahead. This philosophy means that their designs are still timeless and the epitome of the simple and modern.

Christel and Christer Holmgren have designed the beautiful Gloria hurricane candle holders that are inspired by glass lamps found at theater stages around the world. The couple is also the designers behind the candlestick Hornblower, which they originally designed for Illums Bolighus in 1974.



Marlene Brønnum


Marlene Brønnum is educated as a clothing designer from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design.

Her starting point when designing is organic and soft shapes, which can be seen in the bread bowls that she has designed for erik bagger a/s. Marlene Brønnum has a unique ability to design with many different materials, and she also likes to mix them.

The visual expression is of great importance to Marlene when she designs, but it is important to her to not compromise on functionality, which also has a major influence on the finished product – the form has to follow the function. Marlene Brønnum’s inspiration comes from many different places; it can be architecture, furniture, nature, and random shapes that she sees in everyday life.



Dorthe Kvist 

Dorthe Kvist is a personal garden designer, interior decorator, author, stylist, speaker and trend spotter. She is educated designer at the Danish School of Design in 1992 and known from several garden TV shows.

Dorthe Kvist and erik bagger a/s has created the new In Bloom series, which puts the flower in the center. The beautiful glass vases have a decorative FlowerCharm, which combines functionality and aestheticsat a higher level.


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Magnus Jørgensen

Magnus Jørgensen is educated instrument maker and has studied at The School of Decorative Art in Copenhagen. He has worked with industrial design for many years – lately as creative director at Rosendahl Design Group, where he was responsible for Arne Jacobsen Timepieces, Holmegaard and the revitalization of Kay Bojesens iconic figures in wood.

Today Magnus Jørgensen work as independent designer by the name H O W with a broad focus on brand-, design- and product development. According to Magnus good design is about functionality, visual simplicity and responsible production. His starting point is that we have to surround ourselves with fewer and better products that last over time, aesthetic as well as functional.